This page provides a demo of our PhotoToursIDX Embedded IDX Area Maps. View the underlying source view to grab the URL's that you are interested in using.

NOTE: These demo URLS use a cid=18 and this number 18 must be replaced with the agents PhotoToursIDX cid number in order to get the proper branding. For example, if your cid number is 245 then in the URL you would replace the cid=18 with cid=245.

Santa Barbara Listings:

Montecito Listings:

Goleta Listings:

Hope Ranch Listings:

The Mesa Listings:

Upper East Listings:

San Roque Listings:

The Riviera Listings:

Mission Canyon Listings:

Summerland Listings:

Carpinteria Listings:

Santa Ynez Listings:

Ojai Listings: